Spring Session 2019

Dr. Neal Kravitz
Orthodontic Pearls & the DISC Personality test.

Fall Session 2018

Dr. David Sarver

Fall Session 2017

Dr Antonino Secchi & Dr. Robert Fry

Friday Mar 31, 2017

Dr. Raffaele Spena
Can we still be " Conventional " in clinical orthodontics?

Friday November 18, 2016

Dr. Chung H. Kau
Planning your clinical success and goals: does it matter whether you are the the tortoise or the hare?

April 1, 2016

Dr. S. Jay Bowman D.M.D, M.S.D

Friday April 12, 2013



Steven R. Olmos, D.D.S.
SLEEP & TMJ DISORDERS "What the Orthodontic Practitioner Should Know"

Spring Session, Friday, April 20, 2012

Jeffrey P. Okeson DMD Chair, Department of Oral Health Science
Maintaining a Healthy Functioning Masticatory System Through Orthodontic Therapy

Fall Session, Friday, November 4, 2011

David S Precious CM DDS MSc FRCDC FRCS(England) DHC
Current strategies and techniques in orthognathic surgery and management of cleft lip and palate.

Spring Session, April 8th 2011

James A. McNamara DDS MS PhD
This course will consider the appropriate timing of orthodontic and orthopedic intervention. Treatment strategies in three specific types of mixed dentition patients will be presented, with separate timings for interarch and intraarch problems. The clinical management of the appliances used will be described in detail. He also will discuss the Cervical Vertebral Maturation system used for the determination of treatment timing. His presentation will be “evidence-based” in that he and his colleagues have carried out prospective and retrospective clinical studies concerning most of the treatment techniques to be discussed.
Treatment of tooth size/arch length problems
Treatment of Class II malocclusion
Treatment of Class III malocclusion

Fall Session, November 19th, 2010

Dr. Robert L. Vanarsdall, Jr.
Evolution of Multidisciplinary Treatment over the past 50 years & the update on Ectopically Positioned Teeth and Ankylosis