March 27, 2020

3D Digital Orthodontics and Considerations for Creating An Efficient Digital Workflow for Maximum Clinical Efficiency

Dr. Ed Lin

Intraoral scanning and 3D printing have completely revolutionized the 21 century orthodontic practice with patient treatment options and case management. With the explosion of 3D digital technologies in the orthodontic industry over the past 20 years, efficient digital workflow systems have become an integral component for the successful 3D digital orthodontic practice. In this lecture, Dr Lin will review how he and his team have implemented 3D imaging/CBCT, integrated SureSmile® for all full fixed orthodontic cases (labial and lingual), mastered the “Sub” 2-minute intraoral scan for impression free practices, created a 3D printing lab (Envision TEC, Structo, and Form2), and fabricated all orthodontic appliances off of 3D printed models (including 3D printed IDB trays). Most importantly, they have created an efficient and cost-effective DIY aligner system as an alternative to Invisalign® for all their aligner patients. Dr. Lin will also review the impact of Easy RX for management of these 3D digital technologies for an incredibly efficient digital workflow system.


Dr. Ed Lin is one of two partners at Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay (OSGB). He is also one of two partners at Apple Creek Orthodontics of Appleton (ACO). Dr. Lin received both his dental (DDS) and orthodontic (MS) degrees from Northwestern University Dental School. OSGB and ACO are all completely digital practices and have been utilizing intraoral scanning and SureSmile since February of 2004 at three different practice locations for labial, lingual, and aligner treatments. All practices have been involved with cone beam computer tomography (CBCT) with the iCAT since 2005. In-House 3D printing has been incorporated since 2014 and all practices have been impression free for over 3 years. In-House aligner therapy is an important part of all practices, having treated over 1000 aligner cases in 2019. Dr Lin is an internationally recognized speaker, has written several articles that have been published in a wide variety of dental journals, and has lectured at several orthodontic residency programs across the world. He is a Faculty and Clinical Advisory Board Member for SureSmile. He also sits on the Clinical Advisory Boards for American Orthodontics and Imaging Sciences International, was a past member of the American Association of Orthodontist’s Committee on Technology, and is on the Editorial Board of OrthoTown and Orthodontic Practice journals. Dr Lin’s passion for both orthodontics and technology has allowed him to integrate them into his clinical practices in his pursuit of clinical excellence.