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Past Speakers

March 2023
Dr. Alyssa Emory-Carter
Dr. Douglas M. Palaganas
Dr. Rooz Khosravi
Dr. Bill Kottemann

November 2022
Dr. Marco Caminiti
Dr. David Psutka
Dr. Tina Mesami
Dr. Steven Ho

November 2021
Dr. Vishnu Raj

November 2019
Dr. Jason Cope

May 2019
Dr. Neil Kravitz

March 2018
Dr. Robert W. Fry
Dr. Antonino Secchi

November 2017
Dr. David M. Sarver

March 2017
Dr. Raffaele Spena

November 2016
Dr. Chung H. Kau

April 2016
Dr. S. Jay Bowman

November 2015
Dr. William R. Proffit

April 2015
Dr. Donald J. Rinchuse
Dr. Daniel J. Rinchuse

November 2014
Dr. Eric Liou

April 2014
Dr. P. E. Rossouw

November 2013
Dr. R. G. Alexander

April 2013
Dr. William Arnett
Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin

November 2012
Dr. Steven Olmos

April 2012
Dr. Jeffrey P. Okeson

November 2011
Dr. David S. Precious

April 2011
Dr. James A. McNamara

November 2010
Dr. Robert L. Vanarsdall

April 2010
Dr. Ronald Roncone

October 2009
Dr. Jason Cope
Dr. Ravi Nanda
Dr. Gerry Samson
Dr. Tom Mulligan
Rita Bauer
Carolyn Friedman
Dr. Robert Boyd
Tripp Frohlichstein
Paul Gange

April 2009
Dr. P. Ngan
Dr. T. Tremont

November 2008
Dr. J. Janakievski
Dr. V. Kokich Jr.

April 2008
Dr. Duncan Higgins

November 2007
Dr. Gerald Samson

April 2007
Dr. Anoop Sondhi

November 2006
Dr. Jason Bryan Cope

April 2006
Dr. Frank Celenza

February 2006
Dr. William Proffit

November 2005
Dr. James McNamara

March 2005
Dr. Terry Dischinger

November 2004
Dr. Tom Southard

April 2004
Dr. Marco Caminiti
Dr. William Frydman
Dr. David Psutka

November 2003
Dr. Fritz Byloff

April 2003
Dr. Richard Parkhouse

November 2002
Dr. Ross Tallents
Donna Bielawski

April 2002
Dr. J.C. Gorman

November 2001
Dr. R. Boyd

February 2001
Dr. R. Boese

November 2000
Dr. R. Isaacson

April 2000
Dr. D. Woodside
Dr. A. Metaxas
Dr. L. Kamelchuk
Dr. D. Beaton
Dr. B. Voth

February 2000
Anita Jupp

November 1999
Dr. David Walker
Dr. Richard Walker

April 1999
Dr. B. Zachrisson

February 1999
Dr. R.G. Alexander

November 1998
Dr. H. Tenenbaum
Dr. G. James

April 1998
Dr. J.P. Joho
Dr. T. Mantzikos

February 1998
Dr. L. Johnston Jr.
Dr. J. Vaden

November 1997
Dr. R. Roth
Dr. D. Damon

April 1997
Dr. D. Sarver

February 1997
Dr. W.M. Smalley

November 1996
Dr. M. Korn

April 1996
Dr. D. Tuverson

February 1996
Dr. P. Turley

November 1995
Dr. B. Ham

March 1995
R.L. Elledge

February 1995
Dr. V.G. Kokich

October 1994
Dr. H.C. Slavkin

April 1994
Dr. R. McLaughlin

February 1994
Dr. T.F. Mulligan

November 1993
Dr. J. Dale

April 1993
Dr. B. Melsen

February 1993
Dr. R. G. Behrents

October 1992
Dr. A.A. Gianelly

April 1992
Dr. R. Nanda

February 1992
Dr. K. Dryland Vig

November 1991
Dr. C.J. Burstone

April 1991
Dr. R.M. Little

February 1991
Dr. L. Johnston Jr.

December 1990
Dr. J. Hilgers

April 1990
Dr. B. Proffit

February 1990
Ms. P. Perich

December 1989
Dr. F. Dolwick
Dr. W. Caswell

October 1989
Dr. B. Ross
Dr. A. Dagys

April 1989
Dr. J.S. Casko

February 1989
Dr. R.M. Ricketts

December 1988
Dr. E.H. Williamson

April 1988
Dr. J.L. Jensen

February 1988
K. Moawad

December 1987
Dr. T. Turvey
Dr. D. Hall

May 1987
Dr. B. Zachrisson

February 1987
Dr. W. Solberg

December 1986
Dr. D.C. Bellavia

October 1986
Dr. R.L. Vanarsdale

April 1986
Dr. R.G. Alexander

December 1985
W. Southam

October 1985
Dr. N.M. Cetlin

April 1985
Dr. R. Roth

February 1985
Dr. J. Gonnan

December 1984
Dr. R. Roncone

October 1984
Dr. J. McNamara

April 1984
Dr. W. Proffit

February 1984
Dr. W. Ayer

December 1983
Computers in Orthodontics

October 1983
Great Lakes Orthodontic Society

April 1983
Dr. T. Mulligan

February 1983
Dr. D. Woodside

December 1982
Dr. M. Biau

October 1982
Dr. F. Shamy

April 1982
Dr. P. Shapiro
Dr. V. Kokich

February 1982
Dr. A. Lowe

December 1981
Nexus Group

October 1981
Dr. E. Williamson

March 1981
Dr. A.J. Haas

November 1980
Dr. E. Cheraskin

October 1980
Dr. F.W. Worms

March 1979
Dr. W. Proffit

February 1979
Dr. I. Milne
Dr. R. Albert
Dr. J. Dale
Dr. G. James

December 1978
Dr. L. Andrews

October 1978
Dr. C. Gugino

The TOC is comprised of members that have graduated from an accredited orthodontic residency program in Canada or the United States. The TOC also welcomes students that are currently enrolled in an accredited program in Canada or the United States.

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